Wrestling Unfairly Taken Out of the Olympics

Photo courtesy: Sportsmafia
Photo Courtesy of Sportsmafia
Greco-Roman wrestling at the 2012 London Olympics

By: James Garcia

Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in history. It dates all the way back to 708 B.C. So how is it possible that wrestling can be taken out of the Olympics so easily?

The main reason why wrestling is being taken out is that it makes the least amount of money. However, money should not get in the way of people fulfilling their dreams to get a gold medal. Also, it is completely unfair to wrestlers throughout the United States who will not get a chance to cheer on their sport, and their country in the next Olympics.

Taking wrestling out of the Olympics is devastating to many wrestlers because it takes away their dreams of getting to participate in the largest competition in the world. Many of them have been working towards this goal their whole lives. Ryan McCormick, wrestling coach at Camden Catholic High School said, “Wrestling is such a true sport, the self-discipline and dedication it takes, the price your body and mind pay. Yet at the end, not one wrestler does it for money or fame.”

Jordan Burroughs, a gold medalist in the 2012 London Games, said on his Facebook page that the wrestling community should fight back. He stated. “As an Olympic Gold Medalist I feel an obligation to fight for the sport that I love most.”

It’s not fair that wrestling gets very little airtime on sports channels and does not receive enough publicity. It’s unfair to the athletes whose hard work goes unnoticed. Lastly, it is not fair that wrestling, the most grueling sport in the country, is being taken out of the Olympics.

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