North Korea’s Threat Should Be Taken Seriously

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images

By: Max Escajadillo

North Korea is a nation that recently confronted South Korea and the United States with nuclear missile threats. This could start the next Korean War and, as some might call it, World War III. Because of the use of nuclear weapons from every country involved, this war could be a devastating one, if it happens.

North Korea has already nullified the non-aggression pact that it had agreed to with South Korea in 1953 after the Korean War, a conflict which resulted in the border that resides between North and South Korea today. But North Korea has not stopped there. To prove their point, they have uploaded videos as propaganda, showing themselves defeating the United States military and taking 150,000 citizens and soldiers hostage. The goal of these videos is to create fear among people and get recognized as nuclear country.

This big talk out of North Korea has not only failed, but has been mocked, as many believe the country cannot support a war and would only bring more damage to its own people, who are currently suffering under the communist regime. North Korea is the butt of many a joke because of their outdated technology and photoshopped threats. North Korea could possibly be bluffing, but their level of threat should be dealt with just like the Iran and Israel nuclear problem. Nuclear technology has been used before, and the pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki show only a small percentage of the chaos that could happen. North Korea holds the fourth largest army in the world and with Kim Jung-Un taking over, it is best to have a plan in case war were to break out. Obama’s response is to try not to give attention to North Korea, because that’s what they want and the United States will be prepared if anything were to happen. However, Obama doubts North Korea could make a nuclear warhead. North Korea’s big talk fortunately has not shown any real actions on their part and hopefully that is how it will stay. However, we as a nation should still take this threat seriously.

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