Dear Confused Boy

ASK ANNIEDear Annie,
I have a hard time maintaining conversations with anyone. Conversation is usually awkward. I am a guy BTW. Whenever I see any girl I know alone at a table or near a seat, I don’t feel comfortable being near them unless they wave their arms at me or at least a guy is around them. I know for sure that I am not in love. I think that I am barely even fun to be around with. What should I do? Sorry if I sound too desperate.
Sincerely, Confused Boy

Dear Confused Boy,
First of all I bet you are a pretty awesome guy. Don’t worry too much – girls are not as intimidating as they seem and if you are nice and sweet there is no reason for them not to like you. You need to have confidence in yourself.  You are who you are and some people will like you and some won’t. This is just how life is. I think you should start off by reading the advice I gave to “Nameless” about how to maintain conversations or how to start a conversation so when you do go and talk to your friends you will be prepared for a conversation. Don’t put yourself down too much!

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