The Senior Exhibition Reflection Project

Caption: Ryan Briosos, Alex Cote, and Nathan Lumanlan stand triumphant after finishing their Relfection Project
Ryan Briosos, Alex Cote, and Nathan Lumanlan stand triumphant after finishing their Reflection Project

By: Jeanette Yue

Although Senior Exhibition ended almost a month ago, Seniors weren’t quite done with their projects just yet. This year, the Humanities department came up with something new.

As many of the students here know, Portfolios have always been a huge part of Oceana’s curriculum but this year, graduation requirements have changed.

Ms. Hughes explained that now, “There are less opportunities to reflect on Senior Exhibition.”

In order to target this issue, the Senior Ex Reflection Project was created. In groups of three, each senior interviewed someone else in their group to answer the overarching questions: What did you learn? What was challenging? What was meaningful? After this, they transcribed the interviews and created a three minute PowerPoint presentation that included visuals and instrumental music.

Unfortunately, Seniors weren’t initially excited to be starting another project so soon. Elija Medina claimed, “I was so sad” and Justin Lu added, “I wasn’t all that excited about it.”

Ethan Sechler said that his sarcastic reaction at the project came from confusion, “I didn’t understand many of the aspects of the project.” However, these reactions changed from negative to understanding once they began the actual process.

Justin admitted, “It helped me find where my strengths and weaknesses lie” and Elija acknowledged that “This project also helped me realize that I grew so much.”

The reflection pushed students to look further than simply completing Senior Ex and it showed how far Seniors have truly come, from little freshmen to almost high school graduates now.

In the end, Ethan said the project was “simple, practical, and meaningful.”

To view some powerpoints click here or here.

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