Kobe’s Season-Ending Injury

(Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report)
Kobe hobbles off the court after his devestating injury)

By, Alfonso Diccion

On Friday night when the Lakers played the Warriors everyone knew Kobe’s foot was injured, but he still wanted to play. Kobe was shooting lights out, scoring 34 points. He already had a taste of the Staples Center floor in the midway through the third quarter when he took a Festus Ezeli- Harrison Barnes combo foul, which put him on the ground for a while. However, this was nothing compared to what happened in the next quarter. It was 3:06 into the fourth when Kobe was trying to drive to the hoop on Warriors forward Harrison Barnes when Barnes’ fouled Kobe and he injured his achilles. Kobe was on the floor for a while before trainers went out and checked on him. After a brief time-out, he came back on the court  and shot two free throws with one leg. That’s when everyone knew that Kobe was done for the season and some of next season too. The Lakers still won, beating the Warriors 118-116.

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