Dear Nameless

Dear Annie,
Hi Annie, I have trouble maintaining a conversation with a lot of people. I was extremely shy as a child, and I have trouble communicating with people. How do I maintain a conversation without looking desperate? What should I talk about when I have conversation with someone/people?
Sincerely, Nameless

Dear Nameless,
You can spark up a conversation with someone by talking about something you may have in common with them. If that doesn’t work, you can talk about school, or things the other person does in their free time. Another conversation starter is complimenting something about the other person, for example, their shoes. You can ask them questions about that item and then the conversation will turn into a discussion on something else. But remember, you need to be confident, try not to give short answers that won’t allow the other person to say much back, elaborate to try to keep the conversation going. Being shy is just a state of mind, people fear that others won’t understand them or want to talk to them. Try to burst out of your bubble and show everyone how awesome you are. Also, try not to think about it too much, just enjoy yourself. If you worry too much about keeping the conversation going it will be noticeable. If you notice the conversation is about to end, don’t stress, just end it smoothly with “it was really nice talking to you” or whatever you think is an appropriate ending. Good luck!

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