The Call: Movie Review

Photo courtesy: Red Carpet Crash
Photo Courtesy of Red Carpet Crash

Jordan (Haley Berry) as a 911 operator, bungles a call from a teenage girl whose house gets broken into, and is then abducted by an older man who murders her. This leaves Jordan with much sorrow and guilt.

Soon after, an emergency call comes in from another teenage girl, Casey (Abigail Breslin). She was abducted at a parking lot when leaving the mall, where she was being watched. A man had locked her inside the trunk of his car, and it becomes up to Casey to try and escape. She then realizes her friend’s cellphone is in the back of her pocket, and decides to call 911.

The abductor (Michael Eklund), has built an underground dorm where he takes his victims, apparently trying to conjure his teenage sister who died of cancer years ago. The sister had lost her beautiful luminous golden hair to chemo, and unfortunately it is Casey’s blonde hair that makes her the next target.

Jordan takes it upon herself to go out and search for Casey, due to her past guilt for the teenage girl who she tried to help, but regrettably could not.

Haley Berry and Abigail Breslin both do an incredible job. The true stars of this movie are not the actors themselves, but the life-or-death scenario that plays out all the way through the movie. It is a suspenseful thriller, that will definitely give you chills. It is most undeniably a must see.

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