Junior Exhibition Night

Photo courtesy of Giselle Reyes.
Photo Courtesy of Giselle Reyes

By: Giselle Reyes

For the past few weeks, the junior class has been working on the biggest project they’ve encountered so far: Junior Exhibition. Juniors had to pick a controversial topis, do research, create an essential question, interview an expert on that topic to answer the EQ, then evaluate whether or not their interviewee’s argument was strong. Now, the students must create a visual to present in their humanities class. There are four documents included in this visual. The first is the intro, which includes a brief summary of their topic, their EQ, their interviewee and his/her qualifications, and the answer to the EQ. The other three are individual documents or pieces of evidence that help support or refute their answer. 

On Junior Exhibition Night, the juniors will be presenting their first two documents. Come support the juniors on their hard work next Wednesday, April 17 at 6 p.m. in the cafeteria.

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