Dear Jessie Pooh


Dear Annie,

I have a problem, Annie. Well, not a problem with myself, but with everyone around me. I have accepted that I am a lesbian, but my family and the friends I do not have any more, don’t. It is sad and heartbreaking that I have to be alone in this struggle. Why is it when you share your deepest, and may not be the darkest secret, you get left behind and stranded for yourself? I am alone and I am sad, but I will never give up. I have thought of suicide, but never in my life would I ever do it. Life is hard and it’s a struggle but the easy way out is not in my bucket list of “Things to do.” What I want people to know, not just gay individuals, but everyone out there who is struggling and alone, my message to you is this: Never give up; there is always a reason to live. Someone out there loves you, you just have to live your life and wait. Things will get better.
Sincerely, Jessie Pooh

Dear Jessie Pooh,

Thank you for sharing this. Dealing with sexual orientation is a very difficult process and when someone is going through that process, support is essential. I believe that if someone doesn’t love you for who you are, then they are not worth your time. You will find people that love you and support you and those are the people you should surround yourself with. Suicide should never be an option when you are feeling down, on campus there are many people you can talk to. All the teachers here are more than happy to help you and give you advice. You can always go and talk to Ms. Ambrose or any other counselor in the counseling hall. You can also join the GSA at school – they meet Tuesdays at lunch in Mr. Cruickshank’s room. If you want help outside of school you can go on the GSA network website, they have many links that you can use to help you with what you are going through. I know how difficult it is being gay and having your parents disapprove, but give them time. It’s something different for them, and because so many people in society frown upon it people have the idea that being gay is wrong. Your family will come around, maybe they won’t completely accept it, but that is why you should surround yourself with people who understand and support you so when your family and friends aren’t there you will have others. You are absolutely right, it does get better, and you just need to keep fighting. Just remember that you have people here for you.

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