How to Do Your Nails

Most girls love to get their nails done but some can’t afford actually going into a salon and getting them done professionally. They could always do them themselves but may not know how to do the particular design they want. I will be displaying two different designs of nail art and how to do each of them step by step.


Ombre is the first design. This is when one color fades into another. Any two colors can be used when doing this design but I will be using the colors black and gold. For this design you will need black and gold nail polish, a top coat nail polish, a makeup sponge, a small mirror, nail polish remover and Q-tips.

The first step will be to paint the whole nail black. Next, paint the very tip of the nail gold. After it dries, use the small mirror and paint a black line with the nail polish on the mirror and a gold one right next to it. Use the makeup sponge and just press it against the two colors. After this is done, align the colors on the sponge with the colors on the nail.

You may need to repaint the mirror and repeat the sponge process a few times until the colors are faded together as well as you want them to be. After you have gotten the proper fade, dip the Q-tip into the nail polish remover and remove any excess nail polish on your finger around my nail. After that is done, paint over the colors with the clear top coat so that the nail is shiny and looks good.


The next design I will be explaining is very simple but I’m not sure of the name so I will just be calling it a diagonal nail design. This design may look difficult if you are not that great with making straight lines but it is actually very easy.

Once again, you can use any colors you want for this design but I will be using the colors light blue and gold. For this nail design you will need light blue and gold nail polish, a top coat nail polish, tape, nail polish remover and Q-tips.

First, paint your whole nail light blue. After this step you must be sure that the nail is completely dry and cannot be smudged or ruined in any way before  moving on to the next step.

When you are sure that your nails are completely dry, move on by taking the tape and taping your nail with it. Put the tape on the nail diagonally so that, while the nails are facing you, it starts at the top right corner and goes down to the bottom left corner of your nail.

With your nails still facing you, the tape should be on the upper part of your nail, leaving the bottom part free. After the tape is securely on your nail the way you want it to be, use the gold nail polish to paint the bottom part of the nail that isn’t covered by the tape. After this is done, take the tape off of the nail leaving a straight diagonal line within the two colors.

When you are done, use the Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to remove the excess nail polish on your finger around my nail. Then, use the top coat to make the nails shiny and better looking.

This nail design is even simpler than the last and the finishing product looks great when it’s done correctly. So if you liked this design you can look up more on the internet because there is an endless amount of nail tutorials you can find.

I have done many nail designs on my nails and these two are just a couple of my absolute favorites. I hope you enjoy doing your nails with these beautiful designs.

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