Student of the Month: Dante Fernandes

(Photo Courtesy of Daryl Panganiban) Dante Fernandes with a big smile on his face.
(Photo Courtesy of Daryl Panganiban) Dante Fernandes with a big smile on his face.

By: Daryl Panganiban

Transferring from a small, Catholic school in Hawaii to Oceana High School, Dante Fernandes earned the JUHSD Student of the Month Award.

Dante is the Senior Vice President who reached great achievements throughout his whole life and is passionate about improving the Oceana community.  He has been participating in Academic Council meetings every Thursday for several months and enjoys contributing his own input. Dante is trying to make a big impact for his brothers coming in and other students and wants to inspire them to become better individuals. Dante said that his reason for getting involved was because “teachers saw him stepping up” and encouraged him to pursue his drive.

When Dante first transferred to Oceana he was nervous, he adds “I thought I wasn’t able to fit in with the other students, but I was totally wrong.”  Since he went to a Catholic school with only 100 students and Oceana has 600 students, he was able to meet and bond with more people with the same goals has him.

Dante feels very proud winning this award and was very surprised.  “It’s an honor for being recognized for something that I thought that wasn’t a big deal,” Dante mentions. He received the award at a district meeting in the JUSHD district office.  A presenter from the board introduced Dante with all the great achievements he obtained in high school. Everybody from the district meeting clapped with big smiles on their faces, but Dante felt embarrassed.

Dante is planning to go to George Washington or American University, two colleges that are in Washington D.C. He is still waiting to hear from them this month. He wants to pursue double major in U.S history and international relations. However, Dante is not just an amazing student in school but also an amazing individual.

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