Dear Your Homegirl


Dear Annie,

So I’ve been dating this guy. It’s been a while. However, I’m losing feelings. He’s a great guy and I love him and all, but everything is so different now. Things aren’t how they were before. I feel like our relationship isn’t working out, and I’m not sure if he’s noticed. We’ve never talked about our problems, and I don’t know how it’ll work out if I talk to him about this. I still want to be with him, but I don’t know. What should I do?
Sincerely, Your Homegirl

Dear Homegirl,

Well, your first problem is that you two are not talking about your problems. That’s something that you need to start doing. Communication is a key aspect in a relationship. If you don’t talk about how you feel, the other person won’t know that there’s a problem and the issue will keep reoccurring. My advice to you is to first talk about it with him. Figure out what’s going on and why you aren’t happy, then take it from there but you can’t do anything about your problem until you talk it out. If you are the one that is losing feelings, you should consider if you still want to be in that relationship with him, because there is no point in working out your problems if you don’t even want to be with him anymore. I wish you the best and that everything turns out for the better. Good luck

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