Senior Exhibition

(photo courtesy of Mary Grace Morales)
Excited seniors (left to right) Aaron Patterson, Cecile Viray, Jing Balingit and Jeremae Huertas celebrate with their mentor Ms. McEnany

By, Jeanette Yue

On Friday March 15, seniors completed the biggest and most significant project of their high school careers: Senior Exhibition.

When asked about how they felt, seniors Brandon Dumandan and Francis Garcia, expressed that they were “relieved” they were finally done with their senior ex.

The seniors have just spent seven months of their last year in high school researching, organizing, and composing facts into one argument. It all came down to one 20-30 minute presentation where all their hard work finally paid off.

Senior Brandon Dumandan said that he felt “grateful that I’ve been through this process because I grew a lot.”

Senior Ex is not an easy process. However, no one can tell that any of the seniors knew next to nothing about their topics because during their presentations, they were complete experts.

Junior Justine Santos remarked, “It was very interesting,” and junior Jason Ghirarduzzi added that “It was very informative even though [the presenter] was nervous.”

First time senior ex audience member and freshman, Jewl Espineli confessed, “I don’t know if I should be nervous or excited for senior ex.”

While presenting, seniors had the comfort of their mentors and an attentive audience who asked helpful questions so they weren’t too nervous. Dante Fernandes, senior said “I think the presentation part was a thousand times easier because my friends and family came to support me.”

Overall, Senior Exhibition was a huge sigh of relief and a success for seniors.

Senior Jeremy Fontelar summed it up easily: “It was a long process and now, this is the end.”

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