How to Ask Someone to Prom

(Photo Courtesy of Kathleen Barboza) With the help of his six friends, James Garica successfuly asks Mariam De Guzman to prom
(Photo Courtesy of Kathleen Barboza) With the help of his six friends, James Garica successfuly asks Mariam De Guzman to prom

By: Zelle Reyes

Prom is going to be one the most memorable nights in high school. But finding a way to ask someone to prom can be difficult because you don’t know whether or not the person will agree to go with you.

Planning for prom takes a lot of time, but having the courage to ask someone is even more work. It takes a lot of confidence to ask someone to prom because you never know if the person will accept the invite to prom, or reject it.
This guide will show you a stress-free how to ask someone to prom.

Things you will need: Confidence

A creative way of asking
1. One of the hardest tasks of asking someone to prom is rejection. First make sure whoever you are asking has not already been asked. But don’t ask them yourself, “Oh, do you already have a date to prom?” because it would just be obvious that you want to go with them. Have one of their friends to ask them

2. After making sure they do not have a date yet, the other thing you need to do is make sure you have confidence, because without it things can get ruined. To gain confidence, just keep thinking positively throughout everything. Everyone will have their doubts and think, “What if they say no?” but the more positively you think about this, the more confidence you will have in asking.

Make sure you are comfortable with the person you are asking. The more comfortable you are, the easier it will be asking. Being comfortable with her/him will make prom night more memorable; you two can be yourselves during prom and have a good time, rather than being there with some you aren’t as comfortable with.

3. Now that you know you are comfortable with them, the next step is to think of a way to ask. Yes, you can actually just ask them, “Will you go to prom with me?”, but being creative about this can show how much you really want to go with this person. Taking the time to think and plan things out shows to the person that you care.

An example of asking could be surprising him/her with their favorite food or candy and a poster with “Prom?” or “______, will you go to prom with me?”, written on it. Or have him/her go on a scavenger hunt throughout school that brings them around the entire school, leading up to you where you would ask them to prom. Just be creative with this! Ask friends to help. The more friends there are, the more successful this could all turn out.

One successful prom story was James Garcia asking Mariam De Guzman to Prom in 2012. “It was really last minute. I asked a lot of people and I didn’t know how to ask her, but I was on the phone with one of her friends one night and we made up this idea,” James said.

James baked Mariam brownies and bought five heart-shaped balloons and when the balloons were put together, it spelled out “PROM?” James asked five friends stand in a line, each holding a balloon and at the end of the line James stood with the brownies and roses. There was also a sixth friend that distracted Mariam while James prepared everything in the courtyard. When everything was ready, James told the sixth friend to bring Mariam out to the courtyard.

When asked how he felt about this James said, “Well I already knew she was going to say yes because she’s my girlfriend. But when I knew she was walking through the hall, I got really nervous and had butterflies in my stomach.”

Mariam finally walked out of the hall into the courtyard and saw everyone with the balloons and James with the brownies. She said yes then gave James a hug. “I was surprised, happy and scared. I was really surprised when I saw all of you. I knew somehow he was going to ask me to prom but I didn’t know he was going to go that big. I was happy because I was really hungry and there were brownies. They were pretty good I must say. I’m happy because that’s the first time someone did that for me. I was scared because I didn’t know what to expect from prom,” Mariam said. Overall, James and Mariam had a really fun time at prom.

The more you plan for prom, the more successful it will be! Remember to have confidence and be yourself and everything will go perfect.

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