Relieving Teen Stress

(Photo Courtesy of Behind every teen lies STRESS.
(Photo Courtesy of Behind every teen lies STRESS.

By: Paige Chartrand

Everybody hates stress. Social stress, academic stress, family stress, etc. Stress is a very big issue in people’s lives, especially in teens’. Teens suffer from stress a lot more than most adults do.

According to, 55% of a teen’s stress is related to school. Grades, GPA, tests, college, and finals are big contributors to the stress of most teens. Family stress comes in second at 15%. Many teens are constantly under high expectations to do well from family members, so when a teen fails and doesn’t achieve what they were hoping for, it brings on a large amount of stress.

A teenager’s social life can also cause a lot of pressure. 9% of a teen’s stress is realated to social endeavors such as friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, relationships, extracurriculars, and sex.  Having no time during the day to finish any of your tasks comes in at 8%. Although it isn’t a very large contributor, sports succumbs to 4% of teen stress.

Nobody wants to be stressed but there are ways to know if you are, in case you feel like you haven’t been quite yourself. If you find yourself forgetting what day it is, forgetting what “usual” is, having trouble finishing sentences, losing things including your patience, then you may be stressed.

Other symptoms of stress are

  • eating  standing up
  • always tired
  • can’t sleep
  • constantly getting sick 
  • incessantly tapping your feet
  • bite your nails 
  • twirl your hair 
  • becoming suddenly jumpy or nervous
  • having constant headaches
  • snapping at your friends
  • dreading getting up in the morning
  • crying at the smallest things 
  • feeling alone.

Stress is also an opening to depression. If your stress has grown to a high level there is a possibility you can become, or already are, depressed. Depression is a serious illness and can be avoided with proper stress relievers.

A very big stress reliever for everyone, not just teens, is music. Playing an instrument such as the guitar or the piano can be very peaceful and calming. Writing music is also a very good way to relieve stress because it keeps your mind at peace with thoughts of lyrics instead of your hectic life. Even listening to music is very effective in relieving stress.

If you have no time to relax, stress grows over the time you’re not keeping to yourself. Exercise is another stress reliever because it is healthy for you and may keep you from thinking about current problems or issues. Eating well and getting plenty of rest goes along with exercising because if you’re healthy, there’s less of a chance that your stress will grow and it can also help in avoiding the stress in the first place.

Keeping the problems you’re stressing over may increase your stress even more, so talking about it with a friend or a family member will help quite a lot. Also, if one issue or problem is strains you out a large amount, you should just take a step back from it and breathe. Breathing deeply and thinking happy thoughts actually reduces your amount of stress because it’s a short relaxing break from your issues.

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