Girl With a Sketchy Friend


Dear Annie,
I really like this guy and we have been talking for about a month now. But when I told one of my close friends that I liked him, she went and told him that she liked him. He said he wanted to be “just friends” with her, but it still makes me feel weird that she did that behind my back in the first place. Should I be angry with her, even though the guy and I aren’t together? Or should I just let it go, and let her get away with doing that behind my back?

Sincerely, Girl with a sketchy friend

Dear Girl with a sketchy friend,
Nobody needs a friend that is shady enough to do something like that, because you never know what else they would do behind your back. I think that the sooner you rid yourself of these types of people the better, but in the end it will benefit you because you will be surrounded by the people who love you and 100% support you. As for the guy you like I think you should go for it, he obviously feels the same way so why not give it a try? Good luck!

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