How to Be a Good Audience

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By: Katie Shear

A big day for the seniors is coming up in less than a week. It is senior exhibition day and all the seniors have to complete a 20-30 minute presentation about a topic they have researched and wrote a 15 page paper on. This presentation is very important for the seniors because it is a graduation requirement. Since a lot of students will be watching, they will need to be respectful and attentive before, during, and after the presentation. Here are some tips on how to do this.

  • Be on time

Don’t get to the presentation late, but if you are late just enter the room quietly and find a seat without making a big scene.

  • Don’t get out of your seat

Unless it is necessary, for example you need to get a tissue and blow your nose or for some reason you are called out of class, don’t get out of your seat. It is distracting, not only for the presenter but also to the audience in the room. If you need to use the bathroom try and hold it until the presentation ends and the questions are answered.

  • Be attentive

Don’t talk or whisper to your friends while the presentation is going; you will have plenty of time to talk after. Even if you’re not particularly interersted in the presentation, it is respectful to at least pretend you are. Try your best to pay attention and take notes for your assignment, if you have one. Try to stay awake during the morning presentations and try to stay still and quiet during the presentations after lunch.

  • Don’t be distracting

Make sure not to talk to anyone sitting next to you. Don’t tap your pen or pencil, don’t organize your binder or go through your papers because it makes loud noises. Don’t rip out or crumple paper up. MAKE SURE YOUR PHONE IS OFF. If you don’t want to turn off your phone at least turn it on silent, not vibrate. Everyone in the audience can still hear the vibrations.

  • Assist the speaker

If the speaker make a joke or says something funny, laugh. If the speaker asks a question, have a reasonable and logical answer. During the presentation, think of good questions to ask the speaker. Make sure the question is reasonable. Don’t ask a completely off-topic question or a hard question the speaker might not know. Don’t just ask questions about seeing a slide again or asking to spell a name. The seniors are graded on their ability to answer questions, help them out a bit and ask good ones.

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