Stephen Curry is at His Prime

By: Daryl Panganiban

On Wednesday, February 27, the Golden State Warriors faced the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. It was a tough night for them because David Lee got suspended for a game because of the fight during the Indiana Pacer game. But Stephen Curry didn’t care at all.

(Photo Courtsey to SF Gate) Stephen Curry driving hard in the paint trying to score a bucket.
(Photo Courtsey to SF Gate) Stephen Curry driving hard in the paint trying to score a bucket

Curry knew he had to lead his team even more today because he didn’t have his partner in crime. Curry had only 27 points in half time. But when the 2nd half began Curry started to put on a show shooting the lights out like there was no tomorrow. Curry had another 27 point half.

Curry had a fantastic game with 54 points 7 assist and 6 rebounds. Curry said “The only thing that would’ve been better was the win”. The score was 109-105.

Curry looks natural shooting the ball from anywhere, and against any defender, but his skill goes beyond just shooting. Willing to dish to an open teammate with a pass and the willingness to fight for a rebound, this is the kind of leader that Jackson and the Warriors love.

On March 1,  they faced the Boston Celtics and Curry scored only 25 points almost half of the 54 points he had on the Knicks. David Lee came back that game and had another double-double with 10 points and 19 Rebounds. Boston fought throughout the whole game and won the game 94-86.

On March 3, they faced the Philadelphia 76ers and Curry scored 30 points and had 8 assists. David Lee had another double-double with 13 points and 16 rebounds. The 76ers were on a 7 game losing streak but broke their streak winning the game 104-97

Curry is getting much better and is apparently in his prime. Curry is a fantastic player and is exciting to watch just like his dad, Dell Curry. Dell Curry played in the NBA for 16 years and was also an amazing shooter from the three point line.

But there is one more Curry coming to the NBA. Seth Curry from Duke University will be entering the NBA draft this year. Seth Curry is also an amazing shooter like his brother and his dad. Seth Curry has a bright future in the NBA. But he will have to prove whether he can play better than his brother, Stephen Curry.

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