Movie Review: Identity Thief

Photo Courtesy of: IMDB
Photo Courtesy of: IMDB

By James Garcia and Aaron Patterson
The movie identity thief, directed by Seth Gordon, is an utter disappointment. All of the highlights of the movie were already shown in the movie trailer and the ending of the film is predictable within the first thirty minutes.
The film begins by showing a man named Sandy Patterson, played by Jason Bateman, falling for a scheme to steal his identity. The woman who steals his identity’s name is not revealed until the end of the film, leaving audiences confused and forced to refer to her as “Melissa McCarthy’s character.”

Sandy Patterson is a businessman, married and has two kids. Melissa McCarthy’s character is a misunderstood woman and she tells many lies to make people like her more. Melissa McCarthy’s character slowly ruins Sandy’s life by stealing his money and committing crimes. Sandy Patterson flies to Miami to find the person who stole his identity. He finds Melissa McCarthy’s character and convinces her to come back to Denver so he will not be fired from his job.

Throughout the film they are being chased by criminals because there is a bounty on Melissa McCarthy’s character. They also encounter many random situations like running through the woods, being bitten by snakes, and ending up in crazy car crashes.

Without giving too much away, the end of this film is very corny. All in all,  this movie is a disappointment and people should not waste their money or day off to go see this film.

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