How to Make Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)Here are some visual steps on how to make these delightful ice cream one cupcakes
(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)
Here are some visual steps on how to make these delightful ice cream one cupcakes

By: Brenda Hernandez

How about you try making different cupcakes this time rather than the usual cupcakes you always make?

Ice cream cone cupcakes, yes that’s what they’re called.

To start off, you can buy the usual cake mix, Betty Crocker. Buy the flavor of your choice, but preferably the confetti mix. It’s more colorful.

Then buy some ice cream cones, or if you already have them, that’s even better. Make sure it’s the cake cone. Not sugar, waffle, or bowl cones.

Then make sure you have whipped cream; you can buy a carton of heavy whipped cream, or just spread whipped cream, any of your choice.


  1. Mix the cake batter, follow directions on the back of the box.
  2. After you are done mixing the cake batter, grab a spoon, or a pouring cup to pour the cake batter onto cake cones.
  3. Pour cake batter onto cones, about 2/3 full.
  4. Grab an aluminum container, and cut out holes in the bottom, to the size of the bottom of the cake cones, so they can fit once you start baking. Turn the container upside down.
  5. Place cones, filled with cake batter, onto the upside down aluminum container, place every cone into every hole you just made. You can place them in a cupcake pan as long as the cones can stand still and don’t fall. 
  6. Place them in the oven, and bake just as if you were baking normal cupcakes.

When the fun starts:

  1. Now that your ice cream cone cupcakes are finished baking, set them outside to cool down.
  2. Grab icing, or you can also use whipped cream, but preferably icing. Place the icing, or whipped cream onto a zip-lock bag, when the bag is full, just zip it. Now that you’ve got the icing or whipped cream on the bag, snip off a tiny corner.
  3. Time to pipe. Just start on the outside edge of the cupcake and start squeezing the icing in a spiral motion towards the center. Repeat this for the rest of your cupcakes.
  4. Now that you’ve iced all the cone cupcakes, start pouring sprinkles on them.
  5. Decorate your ice cream cone cupcakes to your desire.

Aren’t these ice cream cone cupcakes cute? Bake them for fun, for a party, or to surprise a friend for his/her birthday.

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