Movie Review: Safe Haven

safe haven

By: Sarah Marasigan

A woman named Katie, played by Julianne Hough, is on the run. We don’t really know much, only that there was a horrible incident. Scared and lost, she jumps on the bus to anywhere, not knowing she is being followed by a Boston detective named Tierney.

Fortunately, she finds herself in a small town in North Carolina, where she tries to fit in with everyone else. As of now, she’s safe.

In the town, a grocery store owner  named Alex (Josh Duhamel), is a single dad with two kids, and can’t help but notice how sweet and kind Katie is to his daughter Lexi (Mimi Kirkland), and he tries to build a friendship with her. After noticing that she walks everywhere she goes, he decides to leave a bike at her house, assuming she would take it as a kind gesture. Instead, Katie has her guard held up and does not want anything to do with Alex.

She takes the bike back, but her friend Jo tells Katie she should just accept the gift, and thank him. Eventually she takes her friend’s advice and Katie and Alex start to spend a lot of time together.

Her new lifestyle seems to be going pretty well until she finds out that Tierney put a warrant out for her arrest, claiming that Katie is wanted for murder. It’s not long until Alex finds out about her dark past, which puts his whole family is in danger.

Josh Duhamel plays a man who’s recovering from the death of his wife, but is trying to keep his heart open so that he might love again.

Julianne Hough plays a lovely role, but at times thought she could have given a little more depth that comes from living with a husband who is abusive.

All in all, Safe Haven conveys its typical Nicholas Sparks Romance/ Tearjerker, adding suspense to the movie. Although, there is more to reveal at the end that will, without a doubt, tug at your heart strings.

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