Mr. Orth Gives the Science Experience

(Photo Courtesy of Robert Aldeguer)Mr. Orth overseeing the Got Blood Lab.
(Photo Courtesy of Robert Aldeguer)
Mr. Orth overseeing the Got Blood Lab.

By: Dominic Garcia

On Thursday, Feb. 7   Mr. Orth did a lab with Mr. Aldeguer’s special ed. students in Mr. Orth’s room. The name of the lab is “Got Blood?” which came from the Exploratorium. In the lab, students went in teams of two to a station and placed an amount of fake blood into a container with an unknown liquid. Once that was done, the students mixed the liquid and the blood with a toothpick, observed the reaction, then repeated the process at three other stations with different types of blood. It took about half an hour for the students to complete the lab.

This lab gave students the experience of doing science by participating in a lab. The point of the lab was to simulate how real scientists determine the blood types of people and record their data. Everyone has one of the types of blood, which are A blood, B blood, O blood and AB blood. They learned about the different types of blood there are in the world and the most important thing of all, had fun. Labs can be fun and as Mr Orth says, “science is awesome!”

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