Community Service- Michael Toland

(Photo Courtesy of Michael Toland) Michael drums along in a parking lot on his way to community service.
(Photo Courtesy of Michael Toland) Michael drums along in a parking lot on his way to community service.

By: Mariam De Guzman

Michael Toland, a junior, has finished 534.25 community service hours. And once he turns in another form that he completed over the last few months, his accumulated hours will add up to a total of 650 hours.

Ever since the seventh grade, Michael has been a part of Ingrid B. Lacy’s drumline. He was so interested and passionate in music that after his middle school years, he decided that he wanted to remain involved in it. So he became Mr. Downs’ (IBL’s band director) helping hand.

Every Tuesday (3:30pm-5pm) and Wednesday (2-5pm) after school, Michael spends his free time at IBL. He has been helping the marching band ever since his freshman year. He helps other students expand their knowledge in music and better their techniques and the way they play each intstrument.

Besides his weekly visit to IBL, Michael sometimes spends extra days practicing with the students. For example, during the winter, the students prepare for winter drumline. Michael volunteers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and sometimes Fridays so that students are able to accomplish getting a whole piece of music down, practice drills, or march around for competitions all over northern California. Also, since the competition days are on Saturdays, he spends his weekends working with and supporting the marching band.

Michael currently received the Community Service Award in recognition for having the most community service hours in his junior class. He hopes to inspire other students to give back to the community while doing something that they love and are passionate about.

One thought on “Community Service- Michael Toland

  1. Cristal Pepin says:

    Michael is many wonderful things, in his role as a coach to IBL’s percussion section. He is truly dedicated and his steady support for the IBL students provides the middle school students with consistency. He is talented, and supportive. Not only are qualities such as these wonderful for the middle school students to receive as support – they are wonderful for the students to see them demonstrated by someone near their age, and (by such a fine example) I hope they can come to emulate. Michael is not only a teacher and leader, but a role model; I see the students look up to him. My son is an IBL percussion student who (for the 3rd year now) receives Michael’s guidance, and I feel that he and all the IBL percussion students are very fortunate to be learning under Michael. Bravo!! Thank you Michael!!

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