Career Day at Oceana

Richard Fasut and former Oceana student Taylor Garibaldi dicuss thier occupation as Fire fighters and EMT's with students
Richard Faust and former Oceana student Taylor Garibaldi dicuss thier occupation as Fire fighters and EMT’s with students

By: Amber Jeffery

Career day at Oceana was a success. On Thursday, Feb. 14, students spent the afternoon watching presentations by professionals about different occupations.

When asked about career day, Senior, Joann Bove, said “I did like career day a lot actually. It opened my mind to different paths I can take in my future”.

There were over 30 presentations from various lines of work. Some student favorites were the FBI presentation, the U.S. Attorney presentation and the flight attendant presentation by a former Oceana student.

Junior, Lulu Chea said, “My favorite part of career day was listening to the attorney. I decided that I wanted to go down the path of a lawyer or psychiatrist but I haven’t explicitly decided which yet. I was intrigued and in a way inspired.”

Presenters gave great information and advice about their profession.

Denny Holland, an interior designer and artist, told students, “You have to be a go-getter, and self-motivated, be open to the arts, look at things you’re not interested in, it can all help you and you might even find something you love”.

Presenters encouraged students to consider things about their occupations that they might not have otherwise.

During Mark Daussen’s presentation on Union Carpentry, he said, “When I finish a job, I can bring my kids and say, I built that”.

Overall, students had a very positive experience.

Freshman, Gloria Romero said “I liked career day because I got to explore new careers that I didn’t even know I could do”

All students could benefit from career day, other schools in the district should consider organizing one for their students as well.

Terra Nova sophomore, Kalani Kapuniai said “I don’t think our school does that, and it actually might be kinda cool”.

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