Dear Worried About Losing Friends


Dear Annie,

So many of the new friends that I’ve made this year are thinking about transferring schools, what can I do to convince them to stay?


Worried about losing friends

Dear Worried about losing friends,

This is a difficult thing to face, and you might not even be able to change their minds. It will be difficult for you because you are losing friends that you’ve built a relationship with, but if they are truly unhappy at this school you should let them go. I think you should talk to your friends to find out why they want to transfer, listen to what they say and if you feel that you can honestly change their minds then go for it. Sometimes people just want to know that they will be missed, so just tell them how you feel and maybe they will reconsider. You can also try to convince them to stay by telling them that it will be a difficult process making friends again in a new environment and why should they leave the friends they already have. In the end it’s their choice but it never hurts to try, I wish the best of luck to you and that everything turns out great.

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