How to Make Chicken Chowder

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(Photo Courtesy of

How about tonight you make dinner for your whole family. You don’t know where to start, so you look in the fridge, close it, then you open it again; you don’t know what to make. Here’s a wonderful Brazilian recipe on how to make chicken chowder, just like clam chowder but this time it’s chicken. How does that sound? Here are the steps to this delicious Brazilian dinner: First you boil chicken breasts in chicken broth, and let it boil until the chicken breasts fully cook. While the chicken is boiling, get yellow corn, it can be canned yellow corn, and put it in a pan and sauté it with olive oil, a pint of smashed garlic, and ¼ of chopped onions. After the chicken is done boiling, set the chicken aside, and with the broth that the chicken boiled in, put it in a blender and add a cup of all-purpose flour. Blend it for thirty seconds. You can add as much flour as you want, but remember the more flour, the thicker the chowder will be.  Adding a little more flour actually makes the chowder more delicious. Then come back to the chicken, set it in a cutting board, start chopping it into really small pieces, and drop it in the pan where you sautéed the corn, smashed garlic, and onions. While the chicken is sautéing on medium volume, add about a cup of tomato paste. After five minutes, place this mixture onto a bigger and rounder pot. Add the flour and broth that was mixed in the blender, into the round big pot. Mix it all up and cook it for eight minutes, under high volume, then add a small can of heavy cream and a can of coconut milk. Keep cooking it, then later add salt, pepper, and garlic powder, to your desire. After you’ve finished cooking this delicious chicken chowder, you can serve it on top of white rice. It’ll taste fantastic.

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