Dear Seeking Gift for Boyfriend


Dear Annie,

It is me and my boyfriend’s one year anniversary in two days and I do not know what to get him. What should I do?
-seeking gift for boyfriend

Dear seeking gift for boyfriend,

Looking for the right anniversary gift is a difficult process, especially when you’re shopping for a boy – they’ll never say what they want and they can be quite picky. My advice for you is to first create a budget, you want to be able to get him something that isn’t too cheap, but not so expensive at the same time. You can never go wrong with revamping his wardrobe. You have known him for quite a while now, so you know his style pretty well, nobody can resist new clothes and it is a more affordable option. You don’t have to give him something material. You can surprise your honey with a nice dinner and a movie of his choice, it’s a great way to celebrate an aniversary and a way to spend quality time, just the two of you. You could also just fill up a box with all his favorite candy, movies, pictures and other things of his liking and give that to him, you’ll know he’ll love it because it’s all his favorite things. Good luck with your gift hunt.

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