How to Deal Without a Valentine

Valentines Day
From the movie “Valentines Day”, Kara Monahan (Jessica Beil) and Julia
Fitzpatrick (Jennifer Garner) are having an Anti-Valentines Day party


By: Katie Shear

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about people being in love with their boyfriend or girlfriend, but what about the other people without one? Or the other people in a long distance relationship and can’t celebrate with them? What do they do on this love filled day, without a love? Well here’s a solution for the Valentine blues.

Valentine’s Day is one of the toughest days to get through without a Valentine or a significant other. Some people even go to an extreme and sit at home alone, cry, and eat chocolates and ice cream all day. Let’s not do that this year, shall we? Being that this year, Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday, there will be a lot of couples at school celebrating Valentine’s Day. You can start the day of by taking a few deep breaths and head to school with a positive attitude.

After sitting through the whole day seeing all the couples be lovey dovey with each other, don’t be tempted to go straight home and cry all night. Call up your other single friends. I know you have at least one who can spend an Anti-Valentine’s Day with you! Plan the whole day (well afterschool, of course) with them. You can catch a non-romantic, non-Valentine’s movie with some popcorn and candy, grab a bite to eat at In-N-Out, or somewhere where it would be rare to see couples at. You could still have a good time. It might be hard to avoid the couples but good thing it’s only one day out of the year. Have a good Anti-Valentine’s day!

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