Pancake Breakfast

Photo Courtesy of Giselle Reyes
(Photo Courtesy of Giselle Reyes)
Chicken and waffles with whipped cream, strawberries, and syrup

By: Giselle Reyes

On Saturday, Feb. 2 many families sat together and enjoyed tasty food at Oceana’s yearly pancake breakfast. The food being served (pancakes, chicken and waffles, hot chocolate, coffee and orange juice) was “very delicious,” said Jessica Reyes, a Freshman who attended the event. “This was the first time I’ve tried chicken and waffles and it was very good.”

Photo Courtesy of Giselle Reyes
(Photo Courtesy of Giselle Reyes)
Families enjoying their breakfast

After the breakfast, families participated in a silent auction by bidding on donated gift baskets that contained different items. Some gift baskets had Giants gear, coffee makers, gift cards to different places, and graduation tickets. Most of the gift baskets got really high bids, especially the Giants gear, which reached up to about $100 halfway through the event.

Afterwards, families also had a chance to participate in fun activities outside of the cafeteria. These activities included a hamster ball race, a wrecking ball, bungee run and laser tag. Daryl Panganiban said that he enjoyed the bungee run the most. During the bungee run, you and a partner were attached to a bungee cord, and had to run across the jumper, trying to place a bean bag further than your partners. “It was tiring, yet fun,” Panganiban said. Reyes added, laughing, “The bungee run was really fun even though I kept getting pulled back really fast and woke up sore the next morning. I beat my sister most of the times we went.”

Photo Courtesy of Giselle Reyes
(Photo Courtesy of Giselle Reyes)
Two students enjoy the bungee run

Oceana had a very successful pancake breakfast, and hopefully will continue to have more of these kinds of events.

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