Dear Cheating Boyfriend


Dear Annie,
I’m worried that me and my boyfriend will break up and I don’t want that to happen. I love him so much, but I think he’s cheating on me. What should I do? I have been trying to see if he is, but I feel like I might get caught doing it.

Worried about cheating

Dear worried about cheating,

I believe that communication is key. Why go behind his back snooping around for something that may not even exist? Just talk to him. Be honest and tell him how you feel, because if he finds out that you were trying to see if he was cheating on you he could feel betrayed and it will become a bigger issue than it needs to be. I know it is difficult to have a conversation that can potentially lead to the end of your relationship, but in the end it will benefit you both. If you find out he is cheating, you won’t have to be in a unfaithful relationship, but if it turns out that he’s not cheating on you then you will both feel better because you talked it out. I wish you the best of luck.


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