2013 Career Day Preview

Photo Courtesy of sad22.us
Photo Courtesy of sad22.us

By: Dominic

It’s that time of year again. We’ll be having career day soon, and we’ll get to hear all those people talk about their awesome jobs. Last year’s career day had a lot of people with many different jobs presenting to us. Some of those people will be back again on Thursday, February 14th.

Before talking about the actual event, it seems best to give credit where credit is due. We wouldn’t be able to have this event without the help of Dawn Trujillo, who works for the Pacifica School Volunteers. With her help, our staff was able to organize this event. On Thursday, we’ll have our normal classes shortened for the first half of the day. The other half is career day. Like last year we will pick our career presentations. We start by picking three different cards, each a different color. Each has a career on it, and that will decide what presentations we’ll see. These cards will be given to you on either February 11th or 12th. On one of those days, you can choose one personally. The others will be more or less random.

Like last year, there will be thirty or more topics. Some will be new, and some will be the same. Some of the presenters from last year will not be joining us, but there will be new people to take their place. Remember the guy from SEGA? He’s not going to be here this career day. Too bad. Fortunately, we do get a model maker who has worked with EA games, Lucas Films (Star Wars movies), and Warner Bros. (Harry Potter movies). We also managed to get the FBI to return again. They were super awesome last year. New careers will be joining as well, such as aerospace, auto body, hotel and hospitality, research scientists, and EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) to name a few. We’ll be seeing at least one or two different careers in each classroom so you might get to see three or more careers that day.

It’s very interesting that we get to see all these people and their careers, but do you ever wonder how we get them here? Well, it turns out that some of the people that visit for career day are friends or family of Oceana’s staff. Sometimes it just takes a phone call to get some of the career presenters here. Also, some of the presenters are actually OHS graduates, and they’re back to show off their careers.

Career day will be similar to how it was last year, but there are new things to look forward to. We’ll have normal classes but they’ll be shortened and it’ll go by quick, then we can enjoy the careers. This year, we have new speakers and new careers in store for us to hear on February 14th.

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