Dear BoringBookwom


Dear Annie,

I feel like all of my extra curriculars and AP classes have taken a toll on my social life? How can I keep up my good grades AND maintain a social life?


Boring Bookworm

Dear Boring Bookworm,

First off, I can understand how difficult it can be to be exteremly invoved in your education; the stress to get everything done makes it impossible to have a minute of peace, let alone have time to go out with friends. But you also have to make time for yourself and those you care about. Work with your schedule so it’s not too difficult to find time. Taking a break can be very benificial to you. You will break out of your stress bubble and be more relaxed, and at the same time you will be spending time with your friends. Taking a break can also help you clear your head and make it easier for you to concentrate when you get back to hitting those text books.



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