School Events

Photo Courtesy of Adam Weiss
Photo Courtesy of Adam Weiss

By: Bridget

Pancake Breakfast: February 2

-There will be Pancakes sold for $8, Chicken and Waffles for $10, and unlimited games for $20.

Rally: February 8

Senior Exhibition Day: March 15

-Seniors at Oceana will present their topics in class.

Interim Week: March 25- 29

-During this week, students at Oceana will experience different journeys in their chosen interims and receive elective credits. Many students will spend interim off campus.

BAM 2013: May 3

-An event that happens at Oceana and is all about the Arts. There are many activities and performances by students at Oceana and people from the community. Tickets will be on sale soon.

Prom: May 4

-Students enjoy an evening with their friends and have a great time.

Sports Awards Night: May 8

-Sport awards will be given to students.

Senior Awards Night: May 16

-The seniors will be given awards for achievements they have made in their senior year.

Graduation: May 23

-The seniors at Oceana will graduate on stage.

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