The San Francisco Giants Offseason


(Photo Courtesy of bleacherreport) Giants celebrating their World Series win in Detroit, Michigan.
(Photo Courtesy of bleacherreport) Giants celebrating their World Series win in Detroit, Michigan.

By: Aaron Patterson and Alfonso Diccion

The San Francisco Giants had a busy offseason after winning the World Series in October 2012.

The Giants had many players who were becoming free-agents and eligible for arbitration. The Giants signed four of their star players to avoid arbitration with Buster Posey as the main piece for the Giants. They were able to sign him to a 1-year, &8 million contract. Along with Posey, Giants signed out-fielder Hunter Pence to a 1-year $13.8 million contract, relief pitcher Jose Mijares to a $1.8 million contract, and out-fielder Gregor Blanco to a $1.35 million contract. Earlier in the off-season the Giants singed back World Series hero Marco Scutaro to a 3-year $20 million contract, out-fielder Angle Pagan to a 4-year $40 million contract and relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt to a 3-year, $18 million contract. By signing these players the Giants brought back the core of the team from last year hoping to regain and defend their World Series title. The Giants also signed a key contributor to the 2010 World Series win, Andres Torres, with a 1-year, $2 million deal to boost their speed, defense, and team chemistry in order to hopefully lead to a World Series victory in 2013.

The San Francisco Giants also had a hand full of players playing in the World Baseball Classic. The semi-finals and championship games will be hosted at AT&T Park, the home of the Giants. The Giants have nine players participating in the WBC. For team USA the Giants have pitchers Jeremy Affeldt and Ryan Vogelsong and team Venezuela has third baseman Pablo Sandoval, second baseman Marco Scutaro and pitcher Jose Mijares. The Dominican Republic has pitcher Santiago Casilla, Mexico has pitcher Sergio Romo. Puerto Rico has pitcher Javier Lopez.

During the offseason after their World Series win, the Giants acquired a new second baseman, Kensuke Tanaka from the Nippon Ham Fighters, a Minor League team in Japan. The deal included a Minor League contract and an invitation to the Giants’ Spring Training.

There was also bad news over the offseason. The 2012 World Series MVP, Pablo Sandoval went to the hospital with colitis, an inflammation of the large intestine. Sandoval was playing for his Winter League team when this happened, but was able to return in 24-48 hours.

The Giants had their hands full with a busy offseason but are looking forward to defending their title in this upcoming season.

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