GPA stopping some stars from shining

Opinion[1]By: Steve

At the turn of the 21st century, people started seeing a GPA (grade point average) as the only thing that matters in school. Many students expect to get into college. What happens to the star athletes who don’t make grades? The answer is nothing.

Students who do not have a 2.0 or higher may not participate in sports in the state of California. Some people think this is a fair rule, that if students want to play sports they need to be able to keep their GPA at a 2.0. Athletes often struggle with this. Trying to balance practice and homework is challenging for athletes who struggle academically. Students who are good at sports can often receive scholarships to go to a college that would otherwise be out of reach based on their academic history alone. Sports can sometimes make or break a student’s possibilities. Many highly respected college scouts go to high schools to see the athletes and judge their performance and will sometimes give them a full ride scholarship, based solely on their athletic performance.

Although it is not the case for every high school athlete, the GPA rule affects everyone. When students stay in school and do sports it becomes a positive influence. It can be an escape from the drama and stress of being a high school student. With all of the negative influences from the media glorifying drugs, alcohol, and money, it becomes hard to focus on school and an education. Sports supplement the minds of young people, and gives them something to do. Something that is positive and not negative. This can make a huge difference in a young person’s life; it can be the difference between two different paths in life.

Is it fair that students must maintain a 2.0 to play sports? Some will argue yes, and some will argue no. It is a controversial topic that may only be answered by an individual who is under these circumstances. Even then, every story is different and has its own ending. With all of the choices we have to make in our lives, high school is one of the toughest. Sports can be a student’s way to escape, or the only way to get into college.

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