Community Service: Jerica Manuel

Jerica Manuel, sophomore, helping fourth grader, Seth, with his homework. (Photo courtesy of Bridget Pocasangre)
Jerica Manuel, sophomore, helping fourth grader, Seth, with his homework (Photo courtesy of Bridget Pocasangre)

By: Bridget

It is a rainy day in Pacifica, C.A. and sophomore Jerica Manuel stays after school to tutor a fourth grader, Seth.

She does a program called Homework Mentors in the Pacifica Library and tutors twice a week. She has been volunteering in this program for four months now and tutors for one hour on Mondays and two hours on Wednesdays. She says that she enjoys volunteering at the library. She likes to keep herself busy and likes to be around kids. She also likes how she has “the opportunity to go to the library. I like how it is quiet. I am able to do homework. Before this opportunity, I didn’t have time to go to a library” says Jerica. She found out about Homework Mentors from a flyer that was on the school wall.

Not only is she enjoying doing hours at the library, but also enjoys being at Oceana. This is her first year in the school and so far she likes it. She says, “I like how the school is small, and how the population is also small. I like how everyone is so close.”

If you are interested in being part of this program you can contact Ms. Ambrose or you can go to the Pacifica Library for more information.

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