Obama’s Inauguration

Photo Courtesy of latimes.com
Photo Courtesy of latimes.com

By: Dominic

On January 21, 2013, America celebrated the inauguration of its 44th president.

Barack Obama gave his speech at the front of the US capital building in Washington DC. Obama’s speech this year was very connected to the theme of this inauguration, “Faith in America’s Future”. In his speech, Obama expressed his dreams, and a belief in a future that maintains peace, freedom, liberty and equality. It is good to see that, after all these years, the 2009 inauguration theme, “A New Birth of Freedom”, has improved upon this hope for a peaceful future.

As said in Obama’s speech, he desires a future of peace and freedom where all are treated equally, and are actually free. But how will America achieve that? In his speech, Obama discusses how freedom is a gift from God, but we can’t have freedom unless we, the people, secure it. Obama says this future can only become a reality with the help of the people. When times are changing, so are the people. Society can no longer change this world alone. We, the people, must strive for change and improve as one nation; as one people. We are meant for change, but can’t achieve it unless we reach for it together.

In Obama’s eyes, our journey to peace and freedom is still ongoing, and that is true. In his speech, Obama tells of conflicts that prevent this journey from being completed. Some issues involve gay rights and how they should be treated as equals, and how we must guide immigrants to opportunity, and how the children of America must know that they are loved and safe from harm. Obama’s vision of the future is an ideal dream in which everyone will have life, liberty and happiness. Everything Obama has said is very hopeful, and together the people can create the future they desire. Will the people be able to make this future come true? Only time will tell; and the actions that the people of today and tomorrow make from now on will decide. Hopefully, in time, the people can achieve this future of peace and freedom together.

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